Sunny In Sorrento

My friend and I Carol spent a wonderful week in Sorrento. Here are some of the ways over-sixties holiday:

We sat when everyone queued


Drank a bit



Walked in the rain

Ate Ice Cream

Shopped (now and then)

Drove the Amalfi Coast

(No – didn't do that!)

Saw the odd church …
Appreciated the occasional deserted coastal fortress


And the ruins of Pompeii



Just for starters.


Out On The Streets

As my regulars know, I get a lot of my news and views from American Public Radiio. A few months ago, I listened in on an interview with the Ronald MacDonald of British politics, and Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. Naturally proud of the city he governs, what do you think was foremost in his boast-book? “London is home to 37 billionaires!” This isn't one of them.


Now The Real Work Begins

So Jeremy Corbyn has been elected leader of the Labour Party by a landslide. All the doom-ranting and nay-saying was to no avai:if anything it probably made the electorate MORE inclined to vote for him, not less.


I am delighted, for Jeremy and for our nation, of course I am, but I am a little bit sorry for myself … You see, it means I'll have to get off Twitter and out of bed and actually DO something.


I made a start, I joined the Labour Party during Jeremy's victory speech (Yes, in bed, via Twitter …) now the real work begins.


Jeremy Corbyn isn't going to attract big money for glitzy ads in prominent places, he's going to have to rely on foot-soldiers going out and about sharing the vision of a fairer, kinder society. This feels better to me, doesn't it to you?


This man has the support of poets. You know what, that means a whole lot more than being in the pocket of the Murdoch Empire, or being at the beck and call of minor celebrities …


A lot of people are smiling right now, a few, I suspect, in spite of themselves. Something new, and slightly dangerous is happening, and I LOVE it!


To Frack Or Not To Frack

I have been following the mucky history of 'fracking' for some time on The Diane Rehm Show. (Regular readers know I get a lot of my foresight from American Public Radio, because whatever horrors are visited on our cousins in the USA, inevitably crosses the Atlantic … ) The promise that fracking was 'safe' because the carcinogens added to the high pressure water jets that break the shale rocks to release the gas, would not pollute drinking water, turned out to be undeliverable. “Ah yes!” The oil industry reassures us, “Faulty kit, not dangerous practice!” Well, really, if the oil giants couldn't get something as important as public health right straight away, why trust them with a second bite of the cherry?

And it's happening. Here it comes. Our lovely government that promised local autonomy is now saying, “Except when you don't allow fracking!” So just wait for it … Some of our most beautiful landscapes will be despoiled, and the lives of many of our citizens disrupted by the roads that have to be laid to accommodate the heavy plant that has to go in and out, by those very goings in and out, and inevitably, someone, somewhere will get a dose of something nasty and everyone in government will be shocked and dismayed, like they didn't see THAT one coming. …

The best science says we can't take out of the ground any more of the greenhouse-gas emitting hydrocarbons without destroying the biosphere. The legacy we leave to our descendants, if we carry on like this, if we allow fracking, is a dying planet. But hey! Politicians only think in bursts of five years, and crossing their fingers, they hope the mess they create now, will either go away, or get blamed on someone else … And now, who knows? With luck, there might not be anyone left to blame them anyway!

My hope lies in a massive awakening of consciousness in the sleeping populace. I thought that very unlikely until hundreds of thousands of disenfranchised Brits joined the Labour Party to vote for Jeremy Corbyn. Who is a both red AND green. You should hear the establishment squeal! They didn't see THAT one coming either.

To destroy the planet for short-term gain is immoral. Corbyn offers a real, alternative to the empowered self-interest that is the current system. He might not be able to stop the juggernaut, but he will stand in its way. Let's face it, someone has to. I, for one, will stand with him.



Robust Capitalism:Start Here

I am smitten by the number of hits to the story of my grandmother, Ellen Caroline Pitt, who died of complications in childbirth that would not have killed her and her child had she been rich. (She would have had adequate pre-natal care and been saved by a C-section.) The memories of those days are fading now, which isn’t a good thing all round, I think, as I listen to the stories of the men and women sent away by the state to starve when their benefits are stopped.


Well, yes, you stupid people, you SHOULD have gone to that interview, and for not doing so, you deserve to go hungry!


I am exaggerating, aren’t I? Nobody really says that? Maybe not, but it’s what happens. I do not like what we are becoming, and that’s a fact.


This is altogether too serious, so for a little light relief, I took the ‘Would You Make An Entrepreneur ‘ test on the BBC website.

Despite the fact that I signed up for working all the hours that God sends, I failed the test. Even though I lied, and answered ‘Endlessly Thinking Up Ways To,Make Money’ when I really should have owned up to ‘Having Fun’ as being my modus operandi as a teenager.

I thought it was a wind-up, but no, really, this test is promoted by GOV-UK.

I SERIOUSLY don’t like what we are becoming.

Since Becoming Enlightened

I could have opened up with, “Since Becoming Older”, but that's just boring. Who would read that? So.Since Becoming Enlightened, I have been become a whole lot lazier. In fact I would encourage Enlightenment as a good enough reason to wander aimlessly in the wild admiring trees, or to sit still for long periods of time with a beautific look upon one's face.” Wow!” I am thinking, which is probably not what the observers of my beatific countenance are thinking I'm thinking, “This is GREAT. All this doing next to nothing and getting admired for it! What a scam!”
You do know I'm joking. Right? Please engage 'Tongue In Cheek' mode.
The downside to Enlightenment is that once I start opening my mouth and engaging with people, they quickly realise I'm not very Enlightened at all. I get frustrated, angry, petty, and all the rest, just like everyone else. But Hey! Enlightenment has an answer to this too – SILENCE! I am now longer known to be frivolous and empty-headed ( not that I was either MUCH: I'm just making a point here) but WISE.
So here you have it. Sit still a lot, walk aimlessly about a bit, and keep your mouth shut. The secret of a mystical and fulfilling life, admired by all.


I See …

I am the real thing behind these eyes

These bright blue eyes

Widening in delight at this stellar world

Made new right now, and now, and now.


I will not name you, or place you in a box,

I will watch you slip and slide through every moment

Making no sense, just falling apart,

Weak with laughter.


NOTHING lasts. Everything comes

And goes, like weather, or tides.

What is there to do, but

Realise my debt to life and

Trade sorrow for joy?


Enlightenment At Last!

When I preach the gospel to the crucified people I meet on the streets, I hold hands and say little beyond, “Know who you really are. Infinitely loved, infinitely precious.” Nothing else matters, truth be told.

I used to believe that to be “Saved” was to hand yourself over into the care of a deity, who would then make sure everything worked out for you, especially after you died. I am so glad that I never, as far as I know, convinced anyone. It simple didn't occur to me to realise that a cosmos in which the vast majority of conscious beings ( a much more satisfactory term than 'human' beings) were condemned to hell fire, made absolutely no sense at all. In fact, at no time, ever, did I actually believe this, much less pass it on. The mystery I still call God, simply wouldn't do such a thing, and I know this, or I know nothing.

I used to joke about that: knowing nothing, I mean, though I didn't really believe it. I was proud of my achievements: overcoming a set of fairly minor obstacles to become a reasonably successful professional became my identity. My story.

One day, I was telling my story, when I woke up. It was that sudden. Somehow, possibly out of sheer boredom, that who I really am flooded into Being, and I stopped.

I don't tell the old stories any more. I am just here, experiencing a raw, splendid and joyous existence,, so vivid, so different from the pedestrian me tied to the past, trying to make a future … The Kingdom of Heaven is how one teacher out it, is here, now and within.

Well, yes, I'm still grumpy, selfish and unreasonable, still capable of monumental foolishness. This too, is who I really am. Infinitely loved, infinitely precious. Not the stories I tell about myself. Just me.


This post was prompted nt Dr David Parrish's book: “Enlightenment Made East: Discovering The Obvious” It's free with Kindle! Which makes it amazing value



I Wrote To My MP …

Dear Mark Harper,

There follows a statement put out by War On Want that crystallises my

concerns about the TTIP trade agreement.


I have been following the debate in the U.S. for well over a year, so

was alerted to the secrecy surrounding the agreement, the lack of any

kind of public scrutiny, and the power TTIP gives to American

Corporations, which is particularly scary, as they have an appalling

record with regard to issues such as workers’ rights, and the

protection of the environment. Bearing in mind that U.S. corporations

have the same rights under American law as individual citizens, I find

that giving them the right to sue the UK over any environmental, health

and safety , or employment legislation, enacted to protect UK citizens,

extremely worrying.


It does seem rather ironic that, when we are about to embark on a

referendum over sovereignty, that the loss of sovereignty that TTIP

will invoke is not under scrutiny. Frankly, if staying in the EU

involves signing up to this trade deal, I will vote for leaving, a

position I never thought to take.


What I am seeking reassurance about in particular is:Will the TTIP

agreement be able to be used by foreign nationals to challenge and

change operating practices within the UK, particularly those relating

to the NHS and workers’ conditions of employment? Is the loss of ‘one

million jobs’ a possibility, however remote?

What is your take on the secrecy surrounding the TTIP negotiations? Do

you believe this secrecy works to the advantage or disadvantage of

democratic debate?


Will there be any opportunity at all for opposition to TTIP to be

effectively voiced and acted upon within and outside Parliament?

In conclusion, here’s the piece put out by “War On Want” that alerted

me to the fact that the grave concerns of those of us working with

vulnerable communities, have crossed the Atlantic:


“When cancer patient Paul Giles heard that the EU-US trade deal known

as TTIP might affect health services in the UK, he travelled to

Brussels to find out more. But Paul’s questions were met with silence.

That’s because the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

(TTIP) is being negotiated behind closed doors. In fact, the EU has

confirmed that all key documents relating to the agreement will remain

closed to the public for 30 years. But why all the secrecy?

Governments and big business are relying on lack of public awareness in

order to rush through TTIP and seal the deal without too much

resistance. But what are they afraid of? They know there would be an

outcry if people knew what was in store.

If TTIP goes ahead it will cost at least one million jobs. It will pave

the way for the introduction of genetically modified food into Europe.

It will irreversibly extend the privatisation of key public services

such as the NHS. And it will give US corporations the power to sue the

UK and other states for loss of profits when these governments

introduce public policies designed to protect their citizens. ”


Yours sincerely,


Mary Francis

I Can Think Of A Million Reasons

I can think of a million reasons to be sad,


And I honour them all:

The suffering of innocents

The agony of the guilty

The death throes of this poisoned world.

(Yes! You HAVE to face it!)


There doesn't seem a lot of point to it all, to be frank.


No. None.


I could stop. Right there, except …

Something rises up in me

Something light, and infectious

Like laughter, only, without sound.

Like joy, but somehow deeper,

If you know what I mean.


I shall, therefore, gallop through this day

With a smile.

A pointless, foolish,




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